This page serves as a showcase for some of the graphic design commissions I have undertaken over the years. Please note that it is still a work in progress.

UFO (2009)

UFO club night poster, September 2009

UFO Summer 2009

The promoters of Bristol club night UFO first asked me to design their monthly promotional material in July 2009. Since then I have been developing a theme which emphasizes the night’s roots in old skool electro, Italo disco and acid house. This means a kind of ‘retro-future’ stand off that owes much to original computer games like Space Invaders, but also references the moon landings, robots, UFOs, space iconography etc.


Footloose Holistic Therapies brand logo

Footloose Holistic Therapies flier, 2009 (lo res copy)

For this job, I was given a very tight design brief by the owner of new start-up Footloose Holistic Therapies, Ali Carnegie. She was keen to get away from the cliche-ridden, “hippyish” design often associated with promotional material for companies offering massage and reflexology. She was keen to get a bold, modern look that borrowed inspiration from the work of Saul Bass. I was briefed to come up with a “look” that could be used across all promotional material. This meant designing a logo, sourcing fonts and designing a flier.

best before: (2003-2009)

Flier for the first ever best before: party, November 2003Flier for best before: party number 3, January 2004

best before: was a party I ran for six years from 2003 until 2009. As part of my role – promoter, resident DJ etc – I designed all our fliers and promotional materials – posters, stickers, CD sleeves etc. The initial idea for the design came from the name “best before:”, which to me suggested pre-packaged products readily available in the supermarket. This was a theme I used for the first 18 months before mixing it up. The examples above are early flier designs. What follows below is from best before:’s later period.

The Final Version promotional CD cover
The Final Version promotional CD cover


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