While working on the staff of IDJ magazine, I was contacted from time to time by artists and record labels with requests to write press releases, info sheets and biographies. My history with copywriting and communications actually stretches back to my student days, when I did some work for the Hillsborough Arena Sports Association. Since turning freelance in 2008, I have undertaken many copywriting, communications and public relations commissions.

Current and previous clients include:

• DFA Records
• Planet E Records
• Rush Hour Records
• Voyage Direct Records
• Voyage Select (DJ agency)
• Claremont 56
• Leng Records
• SpaceTalk Records
• Magic Feet Records
• Happy Skull
• Scenery Records
• The British Triathlon Federation
• Sheffield Eagles RLFC
• Bristol Sonics RLFC
• Rugby League World Cup 2013
• West of England Lionhearts RL
• T.I.E.S (textile art group)