Since turning freelance in 2008, I’ve written over 50 non-fiction books of various lengths, for children, young people and adults. As you’ll see from the selected bibliography below, I’ve penned an eclectic mix of titles. The vast majority are aimed at “reluctant readers” – children or young people who need sparky copy, vibrant pictures and eye-catching design in order to engage their interest.

Writing for this market requires a particular skill-set. You need to be able to explain difficult or detailed concepts in simple, age-appropriate language. The copy needs to be accurate and well researched, suitably vibrant, and capable of inspiring readers. Many titles are aimed at schools and libraries, so that means knowledge of curriculums in the U.S and U.K is also essential.

For many of these titles, I have worked with content providers such as Tall Tree Books and Calcium Creative, but I have also written directly for Pearson Education’s Raintree and Capstone Global Library strands. In addition, I have also worked as a consultant on a number of other series, lending my expertise to oversee the work of other authors.

If you’re an editorial provider or publisher looking for an experienced generalist author with experience of the teenage market, please get in touch.

Selected Bibliography

Vinyl: Owners’ Workshop Manual (with Patrick Fuller, Haynes Publishing, 2017)

• Media Genius series (Rainrtree, 2016)
 Create Your Own Music
– Create Your Own Website or Blog
– Create Your Own Music or TV Show
– Create Your Own Podcast

• DJing For Beginners (Amber Books, 2016)

The Impact of Technology series (Raintree, 2015)
– The Impact of Technology in Music
– The Impact of Technology in Sport

Understanding Computing series (Raintree, 2015)
– Understanding Computer Networks
– Understanding Programming & Logic

• Famous Faces series (Badger Publishing2015)
 Fantastic Films
– British Music

• Dynamic Duos of Science series (Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2014/2015)
 Francis Crick & James Watson
– Mary Leakey & Jane Goodall

• High-Tech Science series (Wayland, 2014/2015)
 How Does A Network Work?
– Hw Does Wifi Work?

• Dynamic Duos of Science series (Franklin Watts, 2014/2015)
 Francis Crick & James Watson
– Mary Leakey & Jane Goodall

• Practical Science series (Britannica Educational Publishing, 2014/2015)
 What Is A Database & How Do I Use It?
– What Is A Website & How Do I Use It?

• Tiny Battlefields: Fighting Cancer (Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2014)

 Ask The Experts series (Franklin Watts, 2013/2014)
 Planet Under Pressure – Too Many People On Earth?
– World Economy – What’s The Future?
– What Is A Website & How Do I Use It?

• Pop Histories series (Franklin Watts,  2013)
The Story of Soul & R&B
 The Story of Techno & Dance Music
– The Story of Pop
– The Story of Punk & Indie
– The Story of Rock Music 

• Crime Science series (Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2013)
– Terrorism
– Espionage
– Cold Cases
– Criminal Profiling

• Making A Difference – Athletes Who Are Changing The World series (Rosen Education Service, 2013)
Derek Jeter in the Community
– Venus & Serena Willians in the Community
– Peyton & Eli Manning in the Community
– Robert Griffin III in the Community
– Jeff Gordon in the Community
– Kevin Durant in the Community

• Nature’s Wrath series (Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2013)
 The Science of Earthquakes
– The Science of Tornadoes

• Science Fights Back: Science Vs Disease (Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2013)

Big Buck Business: Living Forever – The Pharmaceutical Industry (Franklin Watts, 2013)

• Find Your Talent series (Franklin Watts, 2012)
 Start a Band
– Start a Blog
– Make a Podcast

• Music Scene series (Franklin Watts, 2012)
 The Music Industry
– The History of Modern Music
– Music, Fashion & Style
– Performing Live

Master This! DJing (Wayland, 2009)








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