It’s a cliche to say that a recently deceased musician was taken before his (or her) time, but I’d argue that was definitely the case with Boyd Jarvis. When the New Yorker passed away last month, he was just 59 years old. He had previously battled cancer and had suffered from other illnesses in the past – some related to debilitating drug addictions during the latter half of the 1980s, which he successfully overcame – but even so the news of his death hit me, and many others, surprisingly hard.

Two years ago, I set about trying to uncover the full story of the New York post-boogie, proto-house sound, in order to write an article for Red Bull Music Academy about it. Naturally, Boyd was one of the first people I contacted. He was more than willing to answer my questions, help me contact other key players in the story, and talk at length about his musical story. After the interview, we kept in contact, occasionally chatting online about his past, present and future projects.

On March 1st, when the New York Times published their obituary to the NYC dance music great, they included quotes from Boyd taken from my 2016 RBMA Daily article (if you’ve not read it, make some time to check it out – it puts his early achievements, and those of his peers, in context, as well as going through key events in the previously untold story). This inspired me to dig out the transcript, tidy it up and prepare it for publication.

You can now read the entire interview (only small portions of which were included in the RBMA Daily piece) on Innate: Boyd Jarvis (Uncut) – An Interview by Matt Anniss. I’d like to thank Owain Kimber at Innate (who also happens to be my housemate) for hosting the interview, and of course my editors at RBMA for granting permission to do this.

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