I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Paper Recordings. I first became aware of the Manchester label a little later than most, sometime around the turn of the millennium. By the time I started investigating the catalogue properly, I was working at IDJ magazine. I ended up writing about the label a lot, and even visited their office to do a guest reviews feature with Miles Holloway and Elliot Eastwick.

I couldn’t tell you how many Paper releases I’ve bought, reviewed or played in DJ sets over the years, but suffice to say that I still have a lot of love for the label. I was delighted when Ben Davis and Pete Jenkinson brought it back from the dead in 2008, and have kept a key eye on their activities ever since.

Last month, Paper reached a significant milestone: the label’s 200th release. I thought that was as good an excuse as any to chat to Ben about it, and turned this into a feature for IDJ. You can read that now over at the International DJ website.

Running a record label in this day and age – especially one with two decades worth of history – is no easy task. That Ben and Pete are doing this successfully, still putting out good music, is laudable. Even more commendable is their leap into filmmaking, as is highlighted in the article.

The documentary film they lovingly put together, Northern Disco Lights, gets its UK premiere this Saturday, November 5th. It tells the tale of one of my pet subjects: Norwegian dance music. I was asked to contribute and was interviewed on camera earlier in the year (most likely explaining the idea of ‘Scandolearic’, given the subject matter). I was delighted to be able to give my thoughts, and am naturally excited to see the finished film on Saturday. Afterwards, font of all dance music knowledge – and former IDJ contributor – Bill Brewster will be hosting a Q&A session.


Ben and Pete are also putting on an after party at Junction House in Dalston, with two legends of the Norwegian scene taking to the decks: Bjorn Torske and Per Mertinsen (under his Mental Overdrive guise). It will be interesting to see Per again; the last time our paths crossed was when I visited Oslo – fittingly for IDJ magazine – a decade ago.


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