Since it returned in website form earlier this year, I’ve been contributing regular features of varying lengths to my old magazine, IDJ. The latest comes in the form of an interview with Norwegian-in-Berlin, Henning Severud, AKA Telephones.

Severud has just released his debut album, Vibe Telemetry, on Gerd Janson’s consistently excellent Running Back label. It’s a fine set, featuring a consistent sound and atmosphere – colourful and loved-up, but also hazy and woozy – that apparently took years to develop. As debut albums go, it’s rather good.

Severud is one of a new generation of Norwegian DJs and producers who feel uncomfortable about the “space disco” narrative that usually features in media pieces about electronic music from the Scandinavian nature. Interestingly, he’s happy with the term “Scandolearic”, though – handy, given that I’ve been banging on about it for over a decade – but only because it can be interpreted in a number of different ways. That’s the key to his approach, really: he seems more interested in capturing a feel than replicating any particular style or micro-genre.

I’ll shut up now, as it makes more sense to read the interview. You can check it out over on the IDJ website.


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