‘Kits 2 Kids’ hits Sky Sports

Last month, I started a PR campaign on behalf of a charity called ‘Kits 2 Kids’. Set up by Papua New Guinea Rugby League international Menzie Yere, the charity aims to collect donations of used rugby kit, boots and equipment and send them out to needy players in Papua New Guinea.

It’s a great idea, and so far the response from both the public and media has been fantastic. So far, we’ve had pieces in all the Rugby League trade press, on various Rugby League websites, in local newspapers (most notably the Sheffield Star) and, most impressively, on the BBC Sport Website (in George Riley’s blog). The charity has also been mentioned during Sky Sports’ live Championship Rugby League coverage.

Tonight – Wednesday 30th June – a three minute piece will air on Sky Sports’ ‘Boots and All’ Rugby League magazine show. Reporter Bill Arthur filmed it last night at Don Valley, where Menzie Yere and teammate Trevor Exton (another PNG international) were training with the Sheffield Eagles squad. Another one of my PR clients, Bristol Sonics, are also due to get a mention. The programme airs on Sky Sports 2 at 6pm. There will also be various repeats across the network over the next couple of days.

For more information on ‘Kits 2 Kids’, head over to www.kits2kids.com.


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